10 Things I want to do after lockdown

photo by VectorStock.com

We never know what future lies ahead of us after this pandemic. No one can tell if coming back to normal is still possible. This past months of lockdown made me realized a lot of things and appreciated more all the things I used to do before. And now I’m starting to look forward, dreaming and planning what to do after this lockdown. And here is my list:

  1. Meet my fiancé
    It’s almost a year now since my fiancé visited me, and because of travel ban during this pandemic, we haven’t got the chance to be together again. Once this lockdown finish and everything back to normal, I’m pretty sure, seeing each other again would be our first goal.
  2. Travel
    I really missed to travel. I want to go anywhere, local or abroad, as long as it’s far from my hometown. Enough for a very long time I spent at home and the nearby supermarket is the only place I allowed to go. I want to explore again and enjoy life and nature.
  3. Go to the beach
    This year is the only time I did not enjoy the summer. I usually spent summer taking a break in the beach with my family. I missed the sand and the water touching my feet while walking along the seashore. I would definitely do it again after lockdown.
  4. Eating in a buffet restaurant
    This pandemic limits my cravings to different cuisine. I can cook, but not everything of course. I’m done with food deliveries and take away. I want to experience again dining in a restaurant, eating in a buffet with so many food choices to grab in. I’m really looking forward for that after getting back to normal.
  5. See a movie in the big screen
    Netflix plays a big role in most of us during this pandemic. I myself watched a lot of movies online while in lockdown. One thing I missed during this time is going on a cinema and see a movie, any kind of movie would be perfect for me.
  6. Ride my motorcycle and roam around
    The only place I used to visit often during this pandemic is the supermarket which is only 10 minutes drive from home. I really miss driving around with my beloved motorcycle. After this lockdown, I want to roam around my town or a little farther or where my motorcycle will take me.
  7. Book an appointment in a salon
    My hair badly needed a treatment right now. While salon operation has been freeze during lockdown, I just did my own trimming and dyeing. I think my hair really need a professional touch. So booking an appointment and pampering my hair is one of the things I want to do.
  8. Visit a dentist
    Covid19 prohibited me to set an appointment to my dentist. So after the lockdown and if my dentist is already available to accept patients, I would definitely pay a visit for my dental hygiene.
  9. Shop at a night market
    Because of social distancing protocol, night market has been closed for many months now. But once it allows to operate again and physical shopping is no longer prohibited, night market is one of the place I want to visit. I really missed hopping in a lot of stall selling different items at a very reasonable and cheaper price.
  10. Get married
    Pandemic reminds me that life is too short to waste. And I realized that I don’t want to die single. So after all of this crisis, I want to get married immediately. No more further explanation!

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