50 Things That Annoy Me

photo by clipart-library.com

No matter how good mood we have, there are still certain things that make us uncomfortable and could ruin our day. Irritating things that would really drive us mad, no matter how calm we are. It may be people, situation or places and things. I encounter most of it everyday, eventhough I put an effort to ignore, still it makes me feel irritated and turned my day bad.

Here is the list of the things that really make me annoy and upset.

  1. Getting sick
  2. Fake people
  3. Long argument
  4. Very spicy food
  5. People with poor hygiene
  6. Liar
  7. Cooking without complete ingredients
  8. Hot weather
  9. Corrupt politicians
  10. Loud music
  11. Loud party
  12. Pollution
  13. People who are cruel to animals
  14. Having monthly period
  15. Dirty fingernails
  16. Poor handwriting
  17. Wearing high heels
  18. Being stranded
  19. Getting soak in the rain
  20. Waiting for a long time
  21. Queuing in a very long line
  22. People who brag too much
  23. Boring people/who talks nonsense
  24. Talking about me behind my back
  25. Crowded places
  26. Broken promises
  27. Irresponsible people
  28. Very small space
  29. People without common sense
  30. Touching my stuff without permission
  31. Dirty toilet
  32. Rude attitude
  33. Noisy neighbors
  34. Movies with unsatisfying ending
  35. People who discriminate
  36. Interrupted sleep at night
  37. Overpricing of basic commodities
  38. Gaining weight
  39. Bullying
  40. Spam messages on my email
  41. Slow/poor internet connection
  42. Hypocrite people
  43. People spoiling movies or books
  44. Being stuck in traffic
  45. People who litter anywhere
  46. Bossy people
  47. Forgetting my email and social media password
  48. Standing in the bus
  49. Brownout
  50. Can’t find the things I’m looking for

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