Worse than the Pandemic

It’s more than half a year now since the outbreaks of corona virus infect millions of people and killed a lot of lives globally and still counting. Aside from this killer virus, another problem occurred during these past months of chaos is depression. Some people are getting depressed being in a quarantine, or being in a locked down in another place separated from their families. Some because they closed their businesses or lost their jobs thinking how to survive. Many are suffering not because they are covid19 patients, but because of hunger. Everybody has their own stories to tell, how each of us are coping up amid the war against this pandemic. Its just on our own way how to accept the new normal way of living. Everytime I watch news or scrolling my social media wall, it was a great feeling reading all the inspiring stories of some people who gradually rebuild their lives after being affected by covid19 crisis and despite of hardship, still they manage to fight. During this time also we encountered heroes in disguise, the medical frontliners who are continuously serving the nation. Putting their lives on the line just to fulfill their duties for us. There are also some angels in disguise who helped the less fortunate, giving away anything on their own little way. Humanity, generosity and act of kindness during this pandemic.

However, in every good news always comes with bad ones. Politics and corruption in the middle of the pandemic. I don’t know if I could still give my trust to our government. Millions of Filipinos are suffering because of the crisis. Many are infected with the virus and financially incapable to support their own medical expenses. The fact that our country doesn’t have a good quality health care system. And yet these corrupt politicians have guts to steal money from the health care government agency. I am not talking about a single penny here, it’s billions of pesos being stole from the people, funds intended for our health insurances. They are the worst villains I’ve ever seen. So frustrating and truly disappointing. And now instead of focusing how to flatten the curve for covid19, some of them are discussing about whether to postpone or not the 2022 elections. Really?! What the heck! Its two years from now. The real problem is in our present time. Sometimes, I think of running away from my country because of these shameless politicians who lead the nation to hell.

Enough for now. As much as possible I don’t want to rant, I just can’t help it. Just hoping these officials’ conscience open their eyes and see the sacrifices of our frontliners and the suffering of their people. I hope they stopped concentrating on their own benefit and consider the well-being of their entire nation. Because their selfishness is worse than covid19.

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