Sick Week

Getting sick during the pandemic is really an alarming situation for all of us. A simple cough and cold can be linked to corona virus symptoms, though there’s more reasons of having those.

It was Sunday last week when I woke up feeling heavy and sick. My nose was congested and my throat was a bit itchy and I started coughing. Some of my muscles were also aching. The first thing I did was to check my temperature. It was 37.2 degrees, a slight fever I thought. I am a very careful and conscious person when it comes to my health, and I took all precautionary measures and health protocols to avoid that covid19. So I was absolutely sure that it was just a seasonal flu as the weather changes throughout the day. Very sunny and hot in the morning and suddenly rain in the afternoon. However, I still felt nervous, somehow. I prevented myself on going out to see a doctor. I knew my body well, and I didn’t need to go to hospital. Actually, I really avoided to go for a check-up because I know once I set foot in the hospital, I’ll be isolated, getting a swab test and quarantine. And I hated that idea. So I insisted to stay home and rest. I took a leave from all my daily activities, temporarily.

The following day my fever was gone and my temperature back to normal. What a big relief. But my cough made me suffer especially at night. My head seemed to explode whenever I cough. Then, I started to self medicate to ease my runny nose and cough. I never took any kind of out of the counter cough and cold medicine. My mom just boiled ginger with lemon and honey and gave it to me. I sipped a cup of it every now and then. I also gargled warm water with salt every four hours. Also I did “suob” (a Filipino term for steam therapy) every night. I filled a basin with boiling water, then I dissolved vicks vaporub (a mixture of camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oil) on it. I sat on the floor, covered my head with a towel and trapped myself on the basin, inhaling its vapor. It was indeed a relaxing and comforting feeling. It helped to clear my throat and released the phlegm from my respiratory tract. I did that method until now and I must say it’s perfectly effective.

It’s been a week now and I should say I’m started getting well. Credit to my mom who helped me to recover fast and for my fiancé for the encouraging words. Now, I think I’m back on track, ready to do my regular activities.

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