My Highschool Memories

Whenever I think of my high school days, I couldn’t help but smile, remembering good and bad memories I had during my four years spent in my Alma Mater. I was proudly product of the biggest and only public High School in our town. Though my other siblings went in a semi-private high school, I didn’t care at all as I’ve wanted to be with my elementary classmates in the same school. I was just an average student when I was in elementary so my grades weren’t that impressive that’s why I was enrolled in a regular section class when I was a freshman. High school had been a huge transition for me like anybody else. I felt mixed of excitement and nervous as I will face another chapter of my life. New school, new teachers, new classmates, new environment and I didn’t know what’s waiting for me there. But that feeling was only at the beginning. As the time passes by, I used to adjust myself in everything. I used to adapt the school environment and my teachers, most of all I gained friends.

It was my junior and senior years when I experienced the real feeling of being a high school student, and I did enjoyed that couple of years. Since I was only an average student, I was never included in the top students of our class. I never had a chance also to involved in any athletics or school clubs. I never experienced prom because it was banned in our years for some issues. I also never had boyfriends during my high school days, only crushes. Sounds boring for some, but for me its was still in high school years the best memories I ever had. Because that was the time I found my long true friends, which still my friends until now. We had a lot of memories worth keeping. We studied altogether, went to library, attended Citizen Army Training (CAT) as part of our senior year curriculum. We also had a lot of fun and naughty acts during our third and fourth year. We used to cut class in our chemistry subject because we find our subject teacher boring, as she kept on illustrating protons, electrons and neutrons on the board consuming the whole period writing without further explanations. I remember one time in our chemistry class, me and my friends quietly escaped again the room only to be caught by our class adviser, and received our punishment at the end. Well, we learned our lesson from it and never repeat such bad act. It was indeed an embarrassing moment.

We also experienced some difficulty while studying, as our school was a little older than our parents. Most buildings were not that sturdy anymore, we felt like having an earthquake whenever students running on the second floor. We also used to walked on the flood along the school corridors and pathways during rainy season. Sometimes, our classes were done on the stage sitting on the floor or along the corridors or even in the small corner of our school canteen due to classroom shortage.

In high school also we used to encounter different types of teachers – a terror one, teacher with a sweet kind of voice, a lazy teacher (open books and copy all), handsome PE teachers, a boring teacher, a mom-like teacher, a very smart teacher and a lot more. However, they were still the best for me. My favorite part of the school was the stairs of our homeroom during our senior year, where we used to stay during our vacant time or after the class doing our homework and school project.

My high school experiences taught me a lot of lessons which served as guide for the next chapter of my life. And although more than twenty years had passed, the memories always remain fresh because of the friends I gained from my high school years, friends for keeps for so many years and still counting.

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