Being a “true adult”

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When do we say that a person is already in adulthood stage? Being an adult comes in a general perspective. Most of the society considered the age of eighteen as a legal age and the start of being an adult. At that age, a person can already cast their vote, obtain a driver’s license, can find job and handle their own finances. It’s also the time they can make their own decisions and live independently. However, does it really apply to all? What really being a real adult means? There are some people who’s already at their legal age but still act as an immature individual. Some don’t even apply being an adult in their lives, neglecting their responsibilities eventhough they are already in their midlife.

For me, being matured in all aspects of life is the sign of being an adult, regardless of age. Age is just a number and it doesn’t determine a person’s maturity level. Also being an adult deals with life experiences, learnings, adjustments, attitudes, relationships, challenges, responsibilities and changes. Many are claiming being an adult when they become physically matured, or when they graduated and got a stable job and yet cannot make a decision on their own. Some already have their own family without taking responsibilities and still depending to others. In my views, a truly adult person shows maturity and act as one. Attitude reflects the level of maturity we possess. If we are able to show compassion and sympathy to others, we might consider ourselves as an adult. Also if we know how to respect, treat and forgive others. Being a true adult comes with responsibility to others and to our own actions. And when you are starting to set goals and plan the future, and ready to face and conquer the world, then you are already on your adulthood.

To be an adult has broad meaning. It’s not something happen overnight or in a span of few years. To be an adult is a long journey and need continuous learning. As for me, I’m still in the middle of being a true adult. Yes, I am matured enough, but I know in myself am still lacking in many aspects. I still need to learn more and experience a lot of things to be a truly full grown adult.

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