As the end gets nearer
And the night gets darker
I see your pain under the blue sky
Your shadow is waving saying goodbye

The secret behind those drop of tears
When the full moon uncovers your real fears
Your wound reveals its true face
Just like the craters in the moon surface

Even the stars have its own story to tell
Like how my heart for you it fell
Though all your tears can’t be erased
Still come closer, I’ll give you embrace

Feel the sound of the peaceful night
Throw all your worries in the breezy light
Forget all your sorrow and fright
I’ll be by your side with all my might

Don’t let the darkness blinds you
Nor the deep scars surrounds you
There’s no more secrets to hide
Just wait until your pain subsides

It’s not yet time, my dear
The night is still longer as it seems
Let me wipe your tears away
And enjoy the night while we play

While the moon still shining bright
And though the sun is out of our sight
I will hold your hands very tight
Just be mine throughout the night

Now close your eyes and have a rest
Free your soul on the mountain crest
Trust me for one thing I am for sure
That tonight in my heart, you feel secured.

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