All colors are beautiful

What’s the color of your skin? Is it black, tan, white or brown? The world is made up of mankind with different races, cultures, languages and skin tones. It varies in each country. And that is the reality. But most of us people are making it complicated if it comes to differences. Yes, I’m talking about discrimination and racism. It’s been a long time issue in the society. Where people are too obsessed with the color of the skin. Many were killed and died just because of their race. People are setting their own standard of beauty, white is beautiful and black is ugly. For all I know is that we are only separating colors when doing laundry. Because for me, whatever the color of your skin, you are beautiful in your own way. We are all made unique. The real beauty is not seen in one’s skin tone, it’s what within your heart that matters. The way you treat others fairly and with compassion is the real beauty. But still, some are being harsh in treating others just because the color of their skin is different.

I myself experienced being bullied just because I have a medium brown skin. Some were teasing me because my color is darker than my siblings. And the fact that the bullying came from a fellow Filipino whose skin is lighter than mine, was very disappointing. Hearing such words made me wish then to have a lighter skin. But as time passes by, I learned to ignore them and started to accept and love my skin, and myself. Maybe they’re just lacked of knowledge about Philippine history, that real Filipinos were dark brown in color, but invaded by different races such as Asian, American and Spaniards, that’s why Filipino skin tone are mixed. Also scientifically speaking, it’s because of the melanin produced by our skin cells. So I don’t get it why many are making it a big deal.

The issue of racism and discrimination has been long overdue all over the globe. Despite of the law enforcing against it in most countries, racism still exist. Mankind plays the major role in destructing the equality of races. We need to respect and accept each individual differences. Accept and love ourselves first and everything good will follow. There’s more beyond skin deep. Our color has nothing to do with our characters. We just have to learn how to treat others the way we want to be treated. Stop judging based on race. God created us equal, unique and beautiful.

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