I Miss You

As I look up above and see the twinkling star
I terribly want to touch it and yet it’s too far
Then I close my eyes and think of you
You are my star, that I can’t hold onto

When I sleep at night, I dreamed of you
How you hug and kiss me too
As I open my eyes, tears slowly flow
But all I have beside me is just my pillow

When I wake up each morning, I think of you
Miss you so dearly, I don’t know what to do
The warmth of your touch and soft embrace
Always in my memory, I cannot erase

The loneliness I feel each passing day
Is all because of you being far away
Your absence makes me very weak
That it almost makes my heart break

I stop counting the days we’re not together
And the times we’re not seeing each other
I will continue to keep on trying
Though it’s hard, I will stop crying

I know as of now you are out of my sight
And I will always try to feel alright
You know how much you mean to me
And in our heart, we are meant to be.

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