When I Met You

I lived in my own world full of doubt and fear
Like driving without directions and flying without wings
My past brought me too much pain
That I almost forgot what true love means

I prayed so hard and asked for a sign
That someday, I will truly find
The one that will heal my broken heart
And the destiny that will complete my missing part

Then one day, in my surprised
My prayer is answered too fast
You came as a gift to my life
And change the feelings I have inside

You accept my world without a doubt
And opened my heart, fixing every part
You turned my life into meaningful one
Brighten up my day just like a sunshine

Your sweet smile makes my heartbeat fast
Your touch is like a spell that cast
I like the way you hug me tight
It always makes me feel alright

I really am glad that I met you
Because you gave me love that is true
Taking care of me each day
Though from me, you are far away

No distance will separate us
As long as we have each other’s trust
The promised we’ve made is just enough
To stay our love true and tough.

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