Filipino Superstitions

It’s been a week since I started to write something about Filipino culture and I will end this week with another identity of being a Filipino. There are some superstitious beliefs Filipino are embracing since the ancient times. It’s weird, but many are still believing even in the modern days, especially the elders because it’s been part of our culture. Some of these beliefs may be quite amusing and some sounds more serious. I will state some of them which still believed by many.

  • Turning your plate when someone leaves while you’re still eating.
    If someone needs to leave in the middle of the meal, everybody else left eating should turn their plates to avoid bad luck and ensure the safety of the person leaving.
  • Do not clear the table yet when somebody is still eating.
    It is believed that clearing the table when somebody is still eating will end up whoever left at the table, being unmarried and will live a lonely life. This is one of the craziest superstition I ever heard, but still believed by many.
  • After attending a wake, don’t go straight home.
    This belief is also called as “pagpag” (shaking off). It is believed that if you just came from a wake, the spirit or soul of the deceased person follows you. So you need not to go straight home after, otherwise you’ll end up bringing that spirit with you at home. You need to go somewhere else to shake off the spirit that surrounds you. This belief is among the most widely practiced by Filipinos even until today.
  • Avoid sweeping the floor at night because it will drive away the blessings.
    When you are living with your grandparents, you may likely get a scold when you sweep the floor at night. Because they believed that it will drive away all the incoming blessings at home and will bring a bad luck.
  • Siblings should not marry at the same year.
    This is called in Filipino as “sukob sa kasal” (a wedding curse). If the siblings marry within the same year, it is believed that their luck on their married life will be divided or the worst, a curse will fall upon them to suffer a lot of misfortunes.
  • The bride should not fit or try on her wedding dress prior to the wedding day.
    It is believed that the bride-to-be should never try on her wedding dress before the wedding day, otherwise a series of bad luck will come and cause the wedding cancellation.
  • Crossing paths with a black cat is a bad omen.
    When you see a black cat while walking on the street, you should go back where you came from and postpone your errands for that day. Many believes that crossing paths with a black will bring a bad luck on you.
  • Knocking on wood if we wish to prevent what we’ve just said from happening.
    When telling a joke or said something and find it harsh or bad, it is believed that knocking on wood three times will prevent it from happening.

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