Things commonly found in Filipino homes

In the Philippines, there are some things commonly found in Filipino homes that we sometimes find it hard to live by without them. Though others find it weird, but it’s been parts of our daily lives. I listed some of these things which I personally used while growing up and some I still use in this modern days.

  • Dipper (Tabo)
    It is a small like bucket with a long handle usually found in almost Filipino homes. We used it for taking a bath (as not all have shower in their bathroom), when washing our hands, washing the dishes, in getting water when doing the laundry and watering the plants (if there isn’t a water hose). But the most important used of dipper is for washing our behind after defecating. Yes, toilet paper is not a big problem for us, as we cleaned that part with soap and water using dipper. It’s been part of our personal hygiene. Good thing of using dipper is to save our water consumption. It might weird for others, but dipper really serves its purpose in our everyday life.
Dipper (tabo)
  • Chamber Pot (Arinola)
    This thing had been part of my childhood. Chamber pot or commonly called ‘arinola’ in our language used as urinals. It is most used in rural areas where comfort rooms are built separately outside the house. I remember using it when we were young, our Mom used to place it near or under our bed during night time to avoid going to the comfort room which was located outside our house. It also serve its purpose to our grandmothers who are old enough to make efforts to walk to the rest rooms.
  • Coconut Husk (Bunot)
    It is a half dried coconut husk used in houses with wooden floor. I remember using it during my elementary and high school days in making our classroom floor clean and shiny. We used it with our foot or hands to scrub the wooden floor after applying floor wax. The shinier the floor, the happier we felt during that time.
  • Sleeping Mat (Banig)
    This is a hand-woven mat made of palm, dried sea leaves or straw, and used for sleeping. Some Filipino houses usually those in the provinces don’t have beds, rather they spread the mat on the floor and sleep. My family used to sleep on a big mat when we were younger.
  • Mosquito Net (Kulambo)
    One of the things commonly found in Filipino houses especially those in the grassland, farm, mountains or near the sea, river or swamps. It is widely used to protect from insects like mosquitoes while sleeping. Our family owned one when I was a child to keep mosquitoes from disturbing our sleep because our backyard were full of bamboos and grasses.
  • Whisk Broom & Broomstick (Walis Tambo & Walis Tingting)
    These things we used for cleaning, one inside the house and the other is for outside. The ‘tambo’ is a soft broom usually made of tiger grass and one of the most famous product of Baguio City. It is used to sweep smooth surfaces of floors specifically indoors. While the broom stick (walis tingting) is made from the ribs of dried coconut leaves and used for outdoors cleaning. Almost households in the Philippines owns these two cleaning agents.

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