Hello “Ber Months”

It’s the 9th month of the year, September is really infront of us. Everybody knows that 2020 has given us a lot of trials and the past months have been crucial because of the pandemic which brought almost part of the globe to difficult situation. In the Philippines, the 1st day of September marks as the beginning of the countdown to Christmas holidays. This is what we called the “Ber Months”, which starts from September and lasts beyond December. The country is known as the earliest and longest to celebrate the Christmas Season.

And what to expect at the start of the ber months in the Philippines? Neighborhoods start decorating with the traditional Christmas lantern, building their Christmas trees and lighting every corner of the street. Christmas songs can be heard elsewhere like in malls, public transportations, radio and tv stations and so on. Bazaars, garage sales and shopping centers starts to attract shoppers, selling varieties of items from food, clothing, Christmas decorations and a lot more. The cool breeze also stars to feel, at least in the evening. Every Filipinos especially children are very excited as this season of the year is approaching.

The big question is how to welcome the ber months season when the Philippines is in the midst of battle against covid19? How to enjoy shopping when social distancing is strictly prohibited? How to have fun knowing our fellow Filipinos and a lot of frontliners are dying because of the virus? Yes, this year is more of adjustment, new normal as it is and that’s the reality we have to accept. We are in a situation far from what we used to. We need to consider a lot of things. Everybody need to cooperate and follow the health protocols from our government.

But today is just the first day, we’re just about to start the season. It means we still need to hope for the following days and months for everything be back to normal. I know it’s quite impossible for now, but we never know what the future holds and what tomorrow will bring.

So for the mean time, let’s still prepare for this year’s Christmas Season as simple as possible, without violating the health protocols and with respect for everybody’s health and life. We must take our personal responsibilities seriously. We could still celebrate on our own little ways. Let’s just hope and pray that this September and the rest of the year be good and gentle to all of us.

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