Drama Review: Lessons I learned from “It’s okay to not be okay”

I just recently done watching the 16 episodes of the latest korean drama, It’s okay to not be okay, which aired in TVN and Netflix. This is one of the few series to tackle the issue of mental health in different aspects. The actors and actresses portrayed their characters in a more justifying way. The main characters consist of a caregiver in a psychiatric hospital who holds back his emotion, his older brother who is autistic, and a famous writer of children’s fairy tale book with antisocial personality disorder. Their life entangled with the painful tragic event of their past but eventually find themselves healing each other’s emotional wound.

I must say this is the best korean drama I’ve ever seen so far. Because each episode left a remarkable life lessons which practically relatable in our daily lives. And here are the lessons I learned upon watching it:

  • We cannot get all the things that we want. Eventhough we tried our best to get it, if it’s not meant for us, it will never be given to us. There’s a reason for everything and our creator knows very well what we only need and what we don’t.
  • Family is not measured by blood. There are times our own family hurt and leave us. But it doesn’t mean we will be alone and cannot find another family. Those who can accept what and who we are can be consider as our family. It’s not a matter of bloodline, but the one who will care and love us is a family.
  • Cry whenever we feel heavy. We have to accept and embrace what we feel. Let’s not burden ourselves with heavy feelings. So don’t hold back and let go of those tears as it’s the first step of healing.
  • Face and confront your trauma. Facing our own fear and trauma can be difficult to deal with. However, one can only start after coping with the past that caused it. It might be painful but will feel more relieved after. Seeking for a professional help would be a great option.
  • Fight for your happiness. There are incidents in our lives not under our control and can ruin our happiness. However, don’t let any event or person take away our happiness, the choice is ours, it’s either let them do it or we fight for it and continue to be happy.
  • Nobody should not be treated differently for being different. Everyone is unique. A person dealing with some kind of mental or emotional issue shouldn’t be treated as different, instead, understand and help them by giving a hand.
  • It’s okay to not be okay. We have our own struggles in life. We are broken in our own way. So don’t try too hard to be fine eventhough you are hurting inside, it won’t help. Sometimes it’s okay not to be okay, we’re just human anyway.

I have a lot of realizations and reflections after watching this drama. And I will highly recommend this to those who wants to laugh, cry and be healed. For me it’s indeed 10/10.

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