Closed eyes filled with tears
Sadness underneath my soul
The broken pieces of myself
Nobody can ease the pain
It’s tearing me apart

The shadow from my past
Haunting me through the years
Stealing my dreams
Turning each sleep into nightmares
I want to wake up but no one cares

The memory of your laugh
It echoes down the hallway
My heart imprisoned by your greed
Once it escape
Will look for revenge

Fading colors of my life
Nothing left but black and white
I want to fly high to reach the clouds
But you broke my wings
Crashing my dreams

Nobody wants to paint my story
I was lost in the middle of darkness
No room to hide, nowhere to run
Trapped in the mirror
Of your selfishness

Feeling helpless
Blinded with anxieties and fear
Drowning with uncertainties
You tied my feet
And dragged me to hell

Please save me from the dark
But too much light steal colors
As time flies, I see the rainbow
I want to be alive
Bring me back to the place called freedom.

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