Why do I love K-Dramas?

From Korean pop to Korean dramas, Filipinos have loved the Korean culture for almost three decades now. The what so-called Hallyu wave or the South Korean cultural products such as food, music and television series truly gained popularity in the Philippines and in the rest of the world. Korean restaurants and supermarkets started to bloom like mushroom in the country. Major television network also created remakes and adaptation of popular Korean dramas and movies which dubbed in Filipino language. Korean pop groups and singers made remarkable performances on Philippine stage and attracted a lot of Filipinos of all ages even the songs were sung in korean language.

And why do Filipinos love Korean culture? Numbers of reasons of course, and as one of the millions fans of Korean culture, preferably korean dramas, I’ll just state mine. It’s been more than twenty years ago when I started to watch k-dramas. It was the first drama adapted and aired by a big tv network here in our country, dubbed in Filipino language. Aside from beautiful korean actors and actresses, the plot and cinematography really captured my interest because it’s really different from the usual Filipino tv drama. That was the start of my love of Korean dramas. From then on, I looked for more k-dramas to watch with english subtitle as I’ve wanted to hear the real voices of the characters. It’s been hundreds of k-dramas I’ve done watching and more to follow. For me a lot of reasons why I hooked with k-dramas for a very long time now. And why I prefer k-drama rather than Filipino drama, my answers are evidently enumerated below:

  • The plot are very unique and interesting, always gives me excitement on what’s going to happen next
  • The storyline is not that easy to predict compared to our local dramas which the story can be foreseen through the trailers
  • K-dramas do not need to show obscene scenes on romantic dramas, a simple eye to eye contact is enough for me to feel the characters’ emotion
  • The characters can create an emotional connections in such a way the viewers can relate to the characters’ feelings
  • They promote patriotism, as they created more historical dramas
  • Majority of the k-dramas are G-rated, which means violence is minimal, foul language is rare and love-scenes rarely progress. Most of them contain family-friendly themes
  • No love teams, actors/actresses can be paired to anyone
  • Unlike Filipino dramas which sometimes takes years to end, K-drams are not very long as the pacing of the plot is much faster yet still have justifying ending
  • Every K-drama always leaves a life lesson which is relatable to the real life

The popularity of korean dramas have stayed strong among Filipinos for so many years now. For me, adapting another culture doesn’t mean I already forgot my own. It’s just that I am open to learn from them.

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