I was born in a Catholic family, and was baptized in a Roman Catholic Church. I never had any memory of me with my family attending church or worship every Sunday. All I knew was we were all Catholic. We were celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ every Christmas day as well as commemorating His death during Holy week. We were not devoted as others, but we practiced the religion as ordinary members. But things changed when I was about six years old, when my mom studied the Bible and switched to another religion. She converted herself and baptized as a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses. My dad had nothing against my mom’s decision and respected her. I was just a child then and didn’t understand well about religion. Since my Dad was working overseas, my mom got all the responsibility raising us. She started to teach us about her religion, and gave us Bible study sessions. It was the first time I see a Bible. She also brought us to their kingdom hall where they worship. From then on, me and my sisters studied the Bible and I should say that I really learned a lot from it. I thought I was already a member of my mom’s religion since I was learning the Bible. But I was wrong. To be one of them requires one to finish series of Bible studies, should have the willingness and live in the standards set by the Bible, then be baptize and become a legit member. It’s not that easy, a long process indeed. Not like in Catholic that you’ll become one since birth as long as your family’s religion is Catholic. Since my dad remained a Catholic until the day he died, we still practiced some of Catholic beliefs. And that was the start of us being divided by two religions. Me and my siblings were torn between two beliefs. As we grow older, we still practiced some Catholic beliefs, eventhough my mom against it, and at the same time we still go with her in worship and Bible study.

It was in high school when questions about religions confused my mind. I wonder which one was the right one, was it the religion we believed since birth without many rules to follow or the one where I learned a lot about the word of God but I don’t think I am capable to do what they are practicing? Why we weren’t living like an ordinary family who have only one religious belief? Why there is a religion, is it really necessary? Starting then, I stopped going with mom in her church and at the same time I stopped being a Catholic. Actually, I didn’t even wanted to go to Catholic church because of some of its practices are against the Bible standard. Yes, I already read many parts of the Bible, and apparently the credit goes to my mom for introducing it to me. But in so many reasons, I couldn’t see myself being one of my mom’s religion. And I knew it for long that it’s me who are lacking and unwilling and I didn’t want to be a hypocrite.

I know that every religion has different approaches in their teaching, and I do really respect that. But until now, I’m avoiding myself to engage in any kind of religious groups because everybody is claiming they are the real and only one. For me, it divides the humanity and complicates mankind. The only fact for me is that I always believe and trust God with all my heart and soul. I pray and talk to Him every single time. My faith for Him remains and no religion can surpass that.

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