Missing Baguio City

I’ve been to Baguio city for seven times already yet it’s still remain as one of my favorite place in the country. Nestled in Benguet province which is part of the mountainous area of Cordillera Region in Northern part of Luzon, it is best known as the summer capital of the Philippines because of its cool climate, making it one of the good spot to escape the hot weather of the Metro. Though it’s almost 4-6 hours drive from Manila, tourists still poured in Baguio all year round.

I was in college when I set foot in Baguio city for the very first time, with my Aunt’s family. I was just a little lucky back then to travel with them because of the free space in their car. It was the first time I fell in love with the beauty of Baguio, the cool breeze, fresh air and the pine trees. Since then, the impression of the city left a spot in my heart which pushed me to go back there again and again. The chance of visiting Baguio for the second time happened after ten years. This time, I was with my two closed friends. It was summer then, therefore we really enjoyed the cold temperature in Baguio, though I noticed a lot of changes. More tourist spots and hotels were developed unlike on my first visit, due to the volume of tourists every year. My third and fourth time in Baguio was only a short side trip from Sagada and Mt. Pulag (I’ll write a separate blog for these trip). It was my fifth visit when I finally explore all the spots in Baguio, together with my closed colleagues in school where I taught. And again, the excitement was still there. I brought my fiancé on my sixth visit to Baguio. It was rainy season, thus I failed to show him all the wonderful spots. Therefore, I would definitely bring him there again someday.

It was only this January of the same year the last time I visited the city, with my family. I played as their tourist guide because it’s their first time to travel there. I’ve always wanted them to see the amazing beauty of the city as how I appreciated it the most.

Let me share some of the places I loved in Baguio (Just Google it if you want to know more about the place)

  • Burnham Park
  • Camp John Hay
  • Mines View Park
  • The Mansion
  • Wright Park
  • Bell House
  • Treetop Adventures
  • Botanical Ganden
  • La Trinidad Strawberry Farm
  • Tam-awan Village
  • BenCab Museum
  • Colors of Stabosa (Mural Houses)
  • Philippine Military Academy
  • Baguio Night Market
  • The Good Shepherd Convent
  • The Baguio Cathedral
  • The Session Road
  • Lourdes Grotto

I don’t know what magical spell Baguio city had casted me, that I repeatedly fascinated by its atmosphere. I will definitely never get tired to visit it and I will grab every opportunity to go back there over and over again.

some of my fave spots in Baguio

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