Some of the things I want do before I die

Travelling Alone
I really love to travel. In fact I’ve already been to many places within and outside the country. For me it’s like a therapy for my soul, where I could escape from my comfort zone. And I believed that we don’t need to be rich to travel. Life is short and it’s best to explore the world while we live. The best part of travelling is who’s with you while doing it. I’ve already travelled with my friends, colleagues, family and with my fiancé. Good company spice up the adventure. It’s not where our destination that matters, it is who we travel with. But I’ve also looked forward myself travelling alone as I’ve never done it before. I want to wonder around without relying on anyone else. I want to give myself a chance to indulge while discovering the different versions of me. I will definitely do it when there’s chance even at least once, before I die.

To see the Northern Lights or the Aurora
One of my dream spot to visit is the place where I can experience the view of the Northern Lights. Whether it is in Alaska or Iceland, I don’t mind. As I’ve only seen it in the movies and photos, I’ve always dreamed of personally seeing it with my bare eyes. This wonder of the sky will surely make my travel goals perfect.

Cruise in a Luxury Ship
In my age, I’ve never tried to board on a ship. It’s not that I’m scared, just there’s no chance so far. But I really love to try, most specially boarding in a luxury cruise ship. Sailing anywhere in the world with my love one. Surely a romantic travel. I hope someday it will happen, but the soonest, the better.

Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Themed Park
Yes obviously, I am an avid Harry Potter fan. I finished all the books, and watched the film more than once each series. I had seen how Harry and his friends grow through the years and how he defeated the ‘one who must not be named’. I really adored J.K Rowling’s genius imagination in creating and writing Harry Potter. As the story ends, I missed everything about Hogwarts. So one of my wish is to visit the world of Harry in Universal Studios, whether in London, US or Japan, it doesn’t matter, as long as I get the chance to be there.

Do a Voluntary Work in Indigenous Community in the Philippines
When I was still in teaching profession, I did a lot of voluntary work within the school and nearby communities, but with limited time and resources. But it’s already a huge accomplishment for me knowing that I did a good deed to others. And I want to do more, without limit. I’ve always wanted to experience volunteering in one of the indigenous community in the country. I want to discover more of their way of life, culture and beliefs and share with them what I could offer.

Hold a snake
I have a traumatic experience with a snake when I was a child. And I don’t want to remember it anymore. Everytime I see snakes, in the zoo, in pictures or in movies, I really got goosebumps and felt like I will die anytime, am really frightened. But once and for all, I want to conquer that fear. Really hoping that I can do it, even just for once before my life ends.

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