A Letter to My Past Self

Dear my past self,

Do not surprised for everything I will tell you, and please try to understand as you are a full grown adult now. There are few things I wish you would have done differently, though, if you had only known now how it reflects in your present life.

Please study harder as high school life is a bit different in your elementary. You will struggle financially while studying because only your mom supports the five of you. You will use your spare time working in your aunt’s business, and it will help you save some for your school’s need. You will meet your genuine friends in your third year in school. Keep them for long. Believe me, they’re still your friends until now. In their company you will experience what a teenage life is. Be prepared on your fourth year, you will experience your first taste of alcoholic drink as you and your friends celebrate the success of your theater act performance. Do not worry, it’s just normal for teenagers, and it’s just to celebrate. You don’t know it yet, but your graduation day will brought you sadness for three reasons. One, because you and your friends will have different path in your college life. You will not see each other often. Second, you don’t have an idea if you’ll be able to go to college because your family can’t afford to support you. And lastly, your family will not finish your graduation ceremony and won’t give you any celebration. You’ll end up going home alone. You will feel sad and disappointed, but just ignore it and try to understand. Life is really not fair sometimes.

Your fear of not going to college really happen, and you have to stop for a year. You will be so sad but you are braver enough to face struggles. You will work harder to earn for college. And you finally did it. You’ll be able to enroll in the university. Though the course you will take is not your first choice, it’ll be fine as long as you can finish college. There’ll have times that you wanted to give up, because it’s difficult for you to balance work and study, just hang on. You will manage to finish your studies and will have your own career. Years after, you will make a decision that will end up your career. But don’t worry because you’ll never regret it. You will just start a new path towards you.

You’re going to lose your way at times but don’t’ worry though because you’ll eventually find yourself again. Life will continue to give you false hope, pain and struggles. But you need to focus only in positive things. Please do not distract yourself in negativity around you, it won’t help. You will have a few regrets, but just leave it, there’s nothing you can do anyway to change it. Just take it as a lesson learned and continue to move on. You will feel a lot of pain in love through the years. But the best thing is, you will find your true love after all.

You’ll go through hard times, but trust me you will be fine. Just continue to keep going as you’ll learned a lot from your hardship and experiences.

Future you

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