My Simple Dream

It’s another wonderful day. Still early but customers continuously coming in and out in my simple yet comfortable café. Some of them are regulars. They order the same flavor of drinks everyday, sitting on the same spot grabbing their favorite books on the shelves. I’m thankful enough to see their sweet smile as they sip the coffee I personally made for them. The aroma of my freshly-made coffee gives them the pleasure while smelling it, in addition to the perfect view of the blue sea seen from the shop’s window. Meanwhile, it’s time to prepare a cup of Americano for the most gorgeous man inside the café, my ever loving husband. He is sitting in the area particularly made just for us while reading his favorite novel as I approach him. His smile widened as I served his coffee made with love.

Oopps, it’s not yet real, just a vision on my mind. The exact perfect scenario of what I’ve always dreamed of. And yes, I’ve wanted to have my own small café library, where I could serve my very own signature coffee and offers an array of books to read. A small coffee shop in the country side with very nice ambience where people can relax and enjoy. As everybody closed to me knew very well how I love coffee, books and a peaceful environment, I’ve always dreamed of having a shop that would represent of who I am. Where I can express what I love doing most and share it to those who can appreciate.

Yet it’s still a dream for now. Knowing the fact that it’s not easy to establish a business and a lot of things should have taken into consideration. As of now my dream is still far to reach and I need to strive more to achieve it. But my positivity gives me enough courage to cling on to my dream. That someday, my black and white vision turns into a colorful one. And in God’s perfect time, it will come true.

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