Why ship do not sink though it’s a thousand times heavier than me? Are there roads up in the clouds for airplanes? Is the sun sleeping at night? Are there really pot of golds at the end of the rainbow? How does my baby brother came out from mom’s belly? Is the Earth really moving? If so, why can’t I feel it? Do aliens really exist? Are they from other planets? Where did I come from? Are ghosts real? Where do people go when they die? Why grandma’s hair turned white as she aged? Where does God live?

Innocent questions we heard from kids. And surreal we also asked the same questions when we were younger. We were born as a curious innocent child who wanted to know everything that’s happening around. We often asked older people such as our parents and teachers for explanation. Most of the time, we used to discover answers on our own. And we were happy and satisfied with the answers we got. But that was then. When just by reading books and a series of science experiment in our school lab, questions were easily answered without too complications. We learned that our childish questions can be answered with life experiences.

Why my life is not like hers? How do I live without you? Why I always failed? How can I move on? What shall I do with my life? Am I living a meaningful life? How can I be a happier person? Am I successful enough?

Things get more different now. As we get mature, more sets of questions building up on our mind. Life questions which are more complicated to answer. Personal and emotional questions which we find more difficult to explain. But sometimes despite of having the answers right infront of us, we are turning a blind eye on it because it’s not the answers we are looking for. We set standards for the answers we want to hear. We are most likely uncertain on how to deal with our own question. And that’s the reasons finding the right answers get more crucial. We end up being discontented, even on the precise answer. Nevertheless, just like then, our life experiences always give us the best answers we can get. Perhaps, we should open our mind and be rational. Otherwise, we could also find the answers we are looking for deep within our heart or along our journey.

Our life indeed is full of never ending questions but along with endless possible answers.

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