A rainbow after the rain
Moving on after the pain
There’s a light at the end of a tunnel
The last piece for your puzzle

Recovery for every sickness
Prizes for the winners
Flowers bloom during spring
Flock of birds migrating

A peace of mind while you sleep
Breathing air that so deep
The sun that shines through your window
Giving hope for your sorrow

Every trial that you can endure
Starting again after failure
A smile in every sadness
A companion for your loneliness

A great morning when you wake up
Another day to cheer-up
Fighting for your rights
Makes your feeling light

A chick hatched from an egg
Caterpillar to butterfly
Seeds into plants
They show what tomorrow comes

A dream to reality
Wishes that granted
Moon shines in the dark
Stars twinkling at night

When the door shuts
Another one will open
Just be patient and wait
It’ll come whatever it takes

Taking one step at a time
Rushing things isn’t fine
If it’s really for you
It will happen soon

If it’s not yet the right time
Maybe there’s another plan
You’ll see one day
The best thing will come

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