No, not today. I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed.
I feel sick. My body’s engine need an overhaul.
I’m not in the mood. My mind is blank.
I don’t feel like doing anything. I feel lazy.
I don’t want to talk to anyone. Even to myself.
I hate noises. The loud rock and roll music of my neighbor.
The sweet chirp of the bird on the roof sounds noise to me, too.
I want to go to an isolated island where I can hide myself from all.
I want to hibernate. Or to gone with the wind.

But here you are. Changing my mood.
Making my heartbeat fast. Cheering me up.
Kept telling me to fight. Reminded me to go on.
To share my thoughts. To express my emotion.
You always do that. Encourage me to be productive.
Not to be idle. From simple physical exercise of the body,
Up to mind feeding by reading. You even sent me books.
Motivating me to write what’s on my mind and heart.
You boost my confidence to do things I haven’t tried before.

Your everyday messages has been a dosage of medicine.
Always kept me alive. Always made my day.
You are the vitamins of my soul. My angel in disguised.
You’ve been my sunshine for years, and still counting.
Distance not a hindrance for you to show how much you care.
Though many times our relationship almost hit the rock bottom.
Still getting stronger. No miles, no pandemic, can separate us.
We’ve seen the same moon every night. We looked at same sky.
It doesn’t matter how far, we have means to be closer.
As our love and trust for each other gets stronger everyday.
Because I knew it from the start. We are soulmate.
Thank you for inspiring me today and for the coming days.

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