Online Selling: A Trend

Having a social media account nowadays is more of necessity rather than just a pass time. Whether you agree with me or not, it’s the reality. More and more people are getting into the world of facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, messenger, whatsap, youtube, and so on, may it be for social networking, video sharing, discussion forum or blogging, name it, and it’s on the web. We have our different reasons for creating and owning one. Some to widened their network, for personal and most are for business purposes. Yes, they are using it to promote their products or services. Here in the Philippines it’s a trend to boost one’s business through their social media platforms. For example, everytime I scroll my facebook newsfeed, all I can see are my friends’ online selling business. From different varieties of products to services, they are offering almost everything you need. Food, clothing, appliances, household items, gadgets, plants, animal pet, tutorial services, repair and maintenance services, grooming, and many more. Online selling becomes a trend specially this time of pandemic where people are staying home and have only limited access in going outside. Owned by private individual, family or group, online sellers are ready to compete with big online shopping companies like Zalora, Shopee and Lazada here in our country. You can order unlimited items, pay it through online transaction or cash on delivery and voila! your orders will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Online selling business helps a lot of people to earn additional income apart from their regular employment. In fact, many Filipino online sellers become successful in the field. Some already left their paying job to do it full time. It also becomes an alternative resources for those who turned unemployed due to the effect of pandemic. However, some sellers encounter a bogus or scammer in transacting online, they just need to take that risk in doing their business. On the other hand, shopping online is advantageous for consumers like me, who wants to avoid going out just to buy what I need. It’s more comfortable and less hassle. And what I like most in purchasing online, they are giving discounts and some offer in a much lower price rather than buying in a physical store, because of the competition. Well, there’s also some problems we might encounter in online purchasing, wrong item or damaged product, something like that. But you are fortunate enough if you found a reliable and trusted seller that can provide you a quality products in much lower prices. One must only be a smart consumer, we need to browse and compare before buying what we want. We just need to learned the pros and cons of selling and buying online.

We indeed living in a digital world which offers almost everything we need. And it’s already a trend.

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