Praying for Beirut

While the world is in the midst of battling against the deadly corona virus pandemic, a very tragic and heart melting news broadcasted in the entire globe last night. As I opened my social media page this morning, my wall flooded with the news on what just happened in Beirut, Lebanon. As I read about it, a giant explosion at a warehouse in the port of Beirut sent a massive blast through its downtown city center. It brought a tremendous damage in the surrounding neighborhoods and nearby areas. The videos spreading in the social media showing the exact explosion gave me goosebumps. The huge blast created a mushroom-like smoke. I’ve also seen photos of the shattered debris from the damaged buildings, the ashes covering the affected areas and the most heartbreaking scene, the wounded victims covered with blood roaming around waiting to be rescued.

According to the news, the blast occurred when a fire at a warehouse on the city’s waterfront ignited a cache of explosive ammonium nitrate (a chemical compound used for fertilizers and in making explosives) that was being stored inside. And it was still unclear the reason why the said chemical was being kept there. So it means until now, no one has claimed responsible for the explosion, whether its an attack or an accident. Officials there are still investigating. There were less than a hundred killed in the explosion including my two fellow Filipinos (working in Beirut) and thousands were wounded and many are still missing.

Lebanon is also in their war against covid and some of their hospitals damaged from the explosion. I wonder how difficult their situation at the moment. Imagine, you were in the comfort of your own home to stay safe from the virus, then suddenly you heard the blast and…that’s it. It would be an indescribable time of your life.

I suddenly thought of my two Lebanese colleagues when I was teaching in an international school in Dubai thirteen years ago. They were both very nice to me. But I already lost contact with them. As far as I remembered, they were from the capital Beirut. My prayer is the only help I can offer to them and to all Lebanese who were in their most tragic situation. I know, not only me, but many are hoping that in time, they will pass through this. I hope the international community offer their support in every way possible to overcome this devastating disaster, and to rebuild their country and people.

Let’s all pray for Beirut, Lebanon.

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