One fine day

The weather was fine yesterday so I decided to visit Meralco (our electricity provider) office to clarify some issues regarding my online payment which didn’t reflect in my account with them. It was my first time for almost a year I appeared in their physical office as I always did online transaction due to covid19 fear. Yes, I tried contacting their lines many times but failed to connect. The parking area was full blast of almost all types of vehicles from bicycle, motorcycle, cars to ten-wheeler truck. Fortunately, I found a small space fitted in my small motorcycle. Nobody can go inside without having a number card. I went to the side of their building as the security guard directed me. I didn’t know how to react with the crowd I’ve seen.

The queued were divided in to two: those concerned is to settle their electrical bill was on the right side and those with complaints and issues needed to clarify, like me, was on the left. It’s like a Train to Busan versus Avengers movies, really blockbuster on its kind. I wonder what’s special that day, that people gathered that much. Was it just to pay their bills and get answers on their concerns or was there other reasons. I walked towards the security guard and ask for number card for costumer assistance desk. And also there’s a piece of form needed to filled out, for contact tracing purposes. In fairness to them, everybody in the queue was on their seat, nobody was standing. And what I liked most was that they provided snack, a bottled water and a burger for all.

Curiosity strikes on me. I asked the guard if it’s just normal to have a large crowd like that in their office everyday. And according to him, it’s unusual, that maybe people panicked when they heard our province will be placed in lockdown again in the following day. So I got it. I almost forgot that our president just announced the previous night that our province was included to be placed in modified enhanced community quarantine for 15 days due to high numbers of covid positive. Here we are again, I thought. Some establishments will be closed again. There’ll have curfews and a lot of restrictions.

As I was waiting for my number to be called, I heard some conversations around me regarding this lockdown, and I decided to join them. Different opinions, many are against from it, but some agreed. And I was one of the agreed citizen to temporarily lockdown our province. Our medical frontliners were begging for it to implement, as they were the most affected with this pandemic. They were asking for time-out, meaning people need to stay home to avoid being infected, just for the time being. Hospitals were fully loaded and experiences difficulty in catering covid patients. Medical staff were already outnumbered by the continuous increased of positive cases. And the hardest part, some of them already lose their lives while providing their services. So indeed, really our medical frontliners need our cooperation. We’ll just stay home to be safe, so they stay safe as well.

After almost four hours of waiting, my number called by the costumer assistant. At last, it’s my turn. Patient is a virtue. Actually, I didn’t noticed that I’ve waited for that long because of the conversations I had with some old folks there also waiting to be called. Good thing was, the crowded waiting area started to be cleared because it’s already noon then. And I was satisfied with the answers I got regarding my concerned. Now I can stay home for the time being, or until the lockdown is lifted.

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