New Normal

Qurantine. Wearing a mask. Social distancing. Staying home. Sanitizing. Covid-19. Some of the terms we often heard and used for the past months. Since this global pandemic, the new corona virus 2019, started to attack in most part of the globe, people are trying to fight and win against this war. Neither the rich nor the less fortunate human beings are exempted from this. Even the first world countries with the most equipped medical and health system have no escape from this pandemic. It’s been months now. More than half a million were already dead and the number of cases reached to more than ten million and still counting as days passes by. Everyday, the news about it has been seen in all TV station. Scientists and pharmaceutical companies from some part of the globe are still developing a vaccine.

Nobody knows when this will end. Or if there’s a chance that it will end. Everybody is hoping. But until the vaccine is still in the process, all we can do is to take extra careful and follow the health protocols from our government for us to be safe from this deadly virus. As I living in a third world country with less quality health system, I should say that we experiences difficulty fighting this kind of pandemic. Our government insufficient plan and the citizens’ lack of discipline were added problem.

But reality bites, we should embrace now the so called new normal. We must cooperate. We must follow the guidelines set by our government. Stay home. Just go out when really necessary. Wearing a mask is a must. It can save our lives. Though we’re not used to wear it before this pandemic came, now it’s a new normal for everybody to wear a face mask specially when going out. It’s mandatory, anyone caught without wearing will definitely pay fines. We must practice social distancing, it was strictly implemented everywhere. Everyday living is not normal anymore. Some industries and companies shut their operations. Many employees loss their jobs. Public transportations suspended. Schools postponed the opening of classes. Travels were canceled. Places to visit is now limited. Restaurants and food chains are not allowed to offer their dine-in services. No children and senior citizens are allowed to go outside their home. Our way of living changed. No room for complaints because it’s for everybody’s safety. And these new normal could save us from the outbreak.

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