Published by Chona’s Soul

I’m a newbie here who wants to express my soul through writings. Living life for almost four decades granted me a lot of experiences that might inspire others. I’ll try to share anything and everything under the sun as long as I experienced it and can touch people’s lives.

I love to travel and to explore the universe is one of my greatest dream. Coffee is part of my blood, it provides me more energy. There’s some unexplained ties between me and my bed, it gives me security and peace. K-drama is life, nothing can stop me.

If you think my writing is a trash, free to criticize it, otherwise opt to ignore it. But if you can relate to it, don’t forget to leave a comment and a positive feedback is very much appreciated, it will inspire me more to write. I want you to see what’s on my mind, my heart and soul.

Hoping for a long journey here. Let’s enjoy life as no more tomorrow!

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